Before installing Masquerade, it's important to prepare your environment to enable the framework to run correctly.

Masquerade requires the following:

To confirm your current versions you can run:
$ node -v # Should return: v14.x.x
$ tsc -v # Should return: Version 4.x.x
$ git --version # Should return: git version 2.x.x


To install the Masquerade project skeleton, simply clone the repo into a new directory using one of the following commands.
$ git clone <YOUR-PROJECT-NAME>
$ git clone [email protected]:masqueradejs/masquerade.git <YOUR-PROJECT-NAME>
# GitHub CLI
$ gh repo clone masqueradejs/masquerade <YOUR-PROJECT-NAME>
Once the project has been cloned, navigate to the created project directory and install dependencies. Both NPM and Yarn package management are available but for the sake of simplicity, we will use npm syntax for the remainder of the documentation.
# Install dependencies
$ npm install
# Run intitial setup tasks
$ npm run init
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